Websites We Like

Compost Fun for Kids -- Students from Mansfield Middle School, where they operate a successful school-wide composting project, provide composting facts, a quiz, and puzzles for their peers.

Mulch Experiment -- A lesson plan for testing how various mulches affect plant growth. For grades 3-5.

Mulch Lesson Plans -- Science lessons challenge students to measure how mulch affects the temperature and moisture levels of soil, as well as weed growth.

Weeds: Guardians of the Soil -- This classic text of sustainable agriculture starts with the recounting of a childhood mentor's epiphany over the "superstitions" surrounding weeds. It's an inspiring example of how curiosity can grow into lifelong inquiry. A great one to read aloud in class!

Some Favorite Books and Curricula

Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils -- A hands-on guide to participating in the ecological cycle of food production, compost formation, and recycling back to the soil. Through these activities, children come to understand how their food choices affect their health, the environment, and their community. For grades K-6

Lasagna Gardening -- Pat Lanza's rationale for building a layered no-till garden using mulches and organic matter. Filled with inspiration and instructions. Other books in the series include Lasagna Gardening with Herbs and Lasagna Gardening in Small Spaces.

Weedless Gardening -- Lee Reich explains how tilling stimulates weed growth, and how to deal with the very few situations that truly require soil disturbance. Clear instructions backed up by the science behind the fine gardening advice.

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