Websites We Like

Garden Toad's Companion Plant Guide — A list of plants, recommended companions, and descriptions of the benefits each plant confers to its partners.

Edible Landscaping More ornamental edibles and tips for design.


The Edible Schoolyard Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, CA, has a model school garden based on edible landscaping principles.


Books We Like

Great Garden Companions by Sally Jean Cunningham Stuckey. A primer for maximizing the benefits of plant partnerships. Includes basic gardening guidance as well as companion/rotation design options. Lots of information on attracting beneficials and repelling pests.

Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte. The classic volume on the confirmed benefits and accumulated folklore of companion planting. In addition to vegetables, it covers companion planting techniques for fruit and nut trees, grasses and grains, ornamentals, and weeds.

In the Three Sisters Garden  by JoAnne Dennee and Carolyn Peduzz. The well-known plant trio illustrates the value plant partnerships had in Native American culture. This book guides you through planting and cooking the three sisters, as well as explorations of native arts, stories, and traditions.

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