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Full of helpful ideas and tips, we hope you will find inspiration in the following articles spotlighting successful school garden programs from around the country.
"I want my second graders to begin to think and act like scientists," reports Durham, NC, teacher Sarah Meyer. "When they're exploring plants and other garden elements, for
Paul Johnson, a horticultural educator in Vancouver, recommends praying mantids as fascinating classroom "pets" and indoor garden protectors. They've successfully raised praying
Pots, soil, water, seeds, and exuberant young scientists...a stage set for learning or chaos? We talked with a few GrowLab teachers committed to the value of hands-on learning
Autumn hardly finds Sue Field's Craftsbury, VT, students winding down with their school garden. Instead, they gear up to carry on a business with deep historical roots. An owner
In Lydia Nowak's Crest Hill, IL, classroom, worms and computer skills flourish. "I was looking for a hands-on hook for my third- and fourth-grade technology class," says Lydia. "
"My urban third graders, most of whom had never gardened, developed a fascination for rotten things," reports Jeanette Peaspanen from Ashtabula, OH. "Their explorations of
Before digging into the worm bin her class inherited, Deb Frantz, a teacher form Halifax, PA, had her fifth graders research the merits and basics of vermicomposting, then share
Students in the gardening club at Casselberry Elementary School in Casselberry, FL, have filled an entire 10- by 10-foot garden bed with a species of native milkweed, a favorite
"My inner-city first graders had little experience with and access to wildlife or habitats," reports Terre Haute, IN, teacher Todd Warren. But that didn't stop them from hatching
It was not an ordinary week for the sixth graders at St. Aloysius School in Harlem. Instead of heading to their inner city school every day for indoor study, they were up at 6:15
No question about it, say fifth graders in Casselberry, FL. Aphids, in fact, really do suck. Frances Guest's gardening club had worked hard raising scads of native milkweed plants
When students at the Farnsworth Middle School set out to start a garden, they examined the origins of our food and the agricultural system that produces it. "The students were
School gardening has become more popular as teachers and parents realize the benefits to learning that this hands-on education offers. Now major corporations are also getting

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