Classroom Stories

Full of helpful ideas and tips, we hope you will find inspiration in the following articles spotlighting successful school garden programs from around the country.
High school students sample the goods from No Doubt SproutsSpreading the word about healthful foods and learning a few business skills inspired Ginger Farineau’s middle
Students at Hampstead Hill Academy share their burgeoning food knowledge with the community at their banquet.When teachers at Hampstead Hill Academy in Baltimore, MD, retrieve
Students learn about nutrition and agriculture as they prepare locally grown apples with help from a volunteer chef“I didn’t start out to create a farm-to-school project,” says
When Patti Evans and her kindergarten students went to the local farmers market, it wasn’t just to ogle produce! They were on a mission. They had already read and compared several
 Farm to school programs are win-win: kids learn about the source of their food and farmers get a local outlet for their produce!“Trying to get the food service to
The programs we chose as 2006 Youth Garden Grant winners reach children and youth from all walks of life, from homeless teens and special needs preschoolers to rural 4-H programs
When teachers at Hampstead Hill Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, retrieve their students from Ariel Demas' Food for Life class, they're met with an enthusiastic crowd eager to
Plants need people and people need plantsSuch a great relationship doesn't happen just by chanceWe give them the things they needThey give us all they canOh, the joys of
Students in Burlington schools are an essential part of monthly taste-tests where new foods are prepared, sampled,and rated, and then produced in large quantities if proven
Spring-blooming bulbs are intriguing plants to grow. You tuck them into the ground as the cool weather hits and then wonder all winter what they're doing down there. Just when you
The inspiration for a schoolyard wetland came from the unlikeliest of places. In Laurel, Maryland after a large wetland was replaced with a new state highway, the students at
It’s a sad state of affairs when kids think carrots come from a can or broccoli grows underground. Tim Moore, agriculture teacher at the Gila Crossing Community School on the
The Center for Inquiry (CFI) is a public school located in downtown Indianapolis. CFI moved to a new campus in 2000 and started a beautification project almost immediately, with
In John Day, Oregon, the Garden of Eat'n started out as a mentoring project for a dozen kids and has blossomed into a living, growing expression of community. Families First, a
The Dream DesignCompared to working with younger students, gardening with high school students is a very different experience for both teachers and volunteers

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