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Online Resources

The Growing Edge: Education Articles
The Growing Edge is a bimonthly print magazine that covers the application of hydroponics/aquaponics around the world, including in classroom settings. Visit this site for synopses of over 2 dozen articles of interest to educators, and purchase back issues.

The Growing Edge: Just for Kids
Kids will find plans for building and using various hydroponic systems, links to schools using hydroponics/aquaponics, and a question and answer service.

The Growing Edge: Educator's Area
Teachers will find a tutorial to prepare them for applying hydroponics in the classroom, links to related sites, and a place to interact with the Growing Edge staff (and possibly have their classroom hydroponics project featured on the Web site).

Hydroponics 101
Grodan is a manufacturer of rockwool, a popular hydroponic growing medium. Their site features a section for classrooms that includes idea and outlines for experiements and in-depth information about various growing media.

Foothills Hydroponics
This hydroponic product supplier offers an extensive online library of free educational brochures covering all aspects of hydroponic growing. Brochures are listed in 11 categories covering all aspects of plant growth, system setup and maintenance, and project ideas and resources for educators.

Simply Hydroponics and Organics
This product supplier provides online "classes," a question and answer service, and free plans for simple systems. Students and teachers can find answers to common and unusual questions.

Simply Hydroponics
This site, developed by the Hawaii Dept of Edcuation, presents a 13-week course geared to elementary grades.

Books and Curricula

Bottle Biology, by Mrill Ingram
This book is filled with ideas for using plastic bottles and other recyclable materials to teach about science and the environment. You'll find it in the Gardening with Kids store.

GrowLab: Activities for Growing Minds, by the National Gardening Association.
This K-8 curriculum will bring plant-based inquiry to life by helping you spark students' curiosity about plants and engage them in thinking and acting like scientists. You'll find it in the Gardening with Kids store.

GrowLab: A Complete Guide to Growing in the Classroom, by the National Gardening Association.
This indoor gardening guide will help you successfully garden in the classroom with your students. You'll find it in the Gardening with Kids store.

Grow with the Flow, by Philson A.A. Warner, Donald A. Rakow, and Charles P. Mazza, Cornell University.
This 10-session curriculum covers a lot of ground in its 44 pages filled with activities for teaching plant science, physics, social studies, economics, nutrition, and beyond using a hydroponics setup. (Building plans are included.) Written for middle school students, but activities can be adapted for younger or older classes. You can order the guide through Cornell's Web site.

Hydroponic Home Food Gardens, by Howard M. Resh
Provides straightforward instruction and lots of diagrams for building and maintaining various sizes of home hydroponics systems.

Hydroponic Gardening: The 'Magic' of Modern Hydroponics for the Home Gardener, by Raymond Bridwell. A good book for beginners seeking basic information.


The Grow Store
Visit the Grow Store online for equipment and supplies.

Progressive Gardening Trade Association
This site offers a wide array of resources for hydroponic gardeners. You can also search for hydroponics suppliers in your area.

Foothill Hydroponics
This supplier devotes a section of their catalog to products for the classroom, including beneficial insects for pest control.

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