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Winter Articles and Activities

Winter Activities

Spring Articles and Activities

Spring Activities

Summer Articles and Activities

We all know we should eat more fruits and vegetables. It's estimated that as many as 90 percent of Americans don't eat the USDA's recommended number of servings of vegetables and fruits each day. One way to instill healthy eating habits at...
Compost pockets in the top layer of this lasagna bed await transplantsIt's not too late to grow a garden this summer. Here's a great idea for building a raised-bed garden that won't break your back and gets your kids interested in...
tomato hornwormThere's nothing more frustrating than working hard with your child or grandchild to build and plant a garden, only to have pests munch your prized plants before you can. Insect pests can ruin the party by devouring the...

Fall Articles and Activities

What better way to celebrate your child’s spring or summer birthday than with a garden party? Although fancy dresses and tea sandwiches may come to mind, kids love to run around outside, play games and get their hands into the dirt-- all...
Growing an edible family garden is a great way to get your kids excited about eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It also provides a terrific opportunity to give back to your community.
The “dog days” of summer are coming to a close, vacations are ending, and alarm clocks everywhere are back in operation. It’s that time of year when we gather backpacks and school supplies and jump into the hectic world of crowded...
A beautiful, double sunflower before it's begun to product seeds
For many children, the fall season is one of the most engaging outdoor times of the year. Don’t miss out! Be sure to get your children out of the house and involve them with nature this season.

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