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NGA Grant and Award Reports: Garden Impacts and Benefits

NGA’s grant and award programs are funded by generous corporations and foundations that share NGA's vision of a greener future and belief in the powerful impact gardening programs can have on the mental, physical, and psychological health of individuals. Beginning with 50 Youth Garden Grants in 1982, NGA has delivered 9,596 grants and awards worth approximately $3.96 million, reaching an estimated 1.6 million young gardeners.

Educators and youth leaders have always provided NGA with meaningful and inspiring anecdotal accounts of how gardening boosts kids' interest in school and learning, improves their attitudes about eating healthful foods and caring for the environment, helps them develop social skills and self-esteem, and gives them a feeling of community spirit. NGA now captures quantitative data to back up these moving and powerful stories.


For Applicants:

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For Winners:


Essay Prompt and Survey Links for 2012-2013 Program Winners

2012 Program Winners:

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2012 Youth Garden Grant Winners! »
2012 Muhammad Ali Center Peace Garden Grant Winners »

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Kids Gardening and the National Gardening Association actively work with schools and communities across the country to provide educational resources and build gardens to promote health, wellness, and sustainability.


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