Picky Eaters???

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Anyone with kids knows meal time can be a gamble. We have heard the importance of presenting our child(ren) with a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables, but when we know they aren't going to enjoy them, it can be defeating (and expensive!) Children love an age-appropriate challenge. So, why not turn your challenge of preparing a meal everyone will eat into a challenge for them? By presenting fruits and vegetables in a muffin tin and allowing your child to act as a taste-tester, eating these healthy snacks is more of a game than a stand-off. One blogger even suggests creating a chart where your child can identify their likes and dislikes. When kids are not only allowed but encouraged to share their opinions they may be more willing to take a chance and try something new.

Now, I would go one step further and extend the chart so children are encouraged to try each item more than once. Research shows we may have to try foods up to ten times in order to develop a preference for them. Tell your child they're conducting research!

Here's a link to the blog about picky eaters. Be sure to share how your efforts with your own picky eaters are going.

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