Tomato Leaves Poisonous?

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Question: Are the leaves of tomatoes poisonous to children and pets? If yes, what might happen when a child eats them, and what should we do?

Answer: According to the Poisonous Plants of North Carolina Web site, the leaves and stems of tomato plants are poisonous if consumed in large quantities. If ever you have a question about a possible poisoning, please call your local poison control number right away! Poison Control Centers are open 24 hours a day. Staff can tell you immediately if there is something to worry about and what to do.

It's important to teach children not to eat any plant unless an adult says it's okay. Many common plants are poisonous -- and even if the plant is a vegetable and is not poisonous itself, it may have been sprayed with something that is poisonous. You just never know.

With regard to plants poisonous to animals, you may find this Cornell University site helpful.

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