School Gardening
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School Gardening engages students by providing a dynamic environment to observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn. School Gardens are living laboratories where interdisciplinary lessons are drawn from real life experiences, encouraging students to become active participants in the learning process. Learn more about school garden program benefits »

New This Month ...

  • Congratulations to The Spring 2016 Team UP for Healthy School Gardens Grant Winners listed below.  We want to thank every program that applied.
  •   You have been selected to submit an application for the Team Up for Healthy School Gardens Program sponsored by Jamba Juice in cooperation with The...
  • Congratulations to The Fall 2015 Jamba Juice "It's All About the Fruit and Veggies" Garden Grant winners listed below. We want to thank every program that...
  • Start a Garden!

    Classroom Projects

    • Looking for ways to incorporate a school garden into your curriculum? The following Classroom Projects provide you with detailed instructions for engaging, garden-related activities along with ideas for hands-on lessons. More...

    The Learning Garden Online Course: Botany for K-8 Educators

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