Family Gardening
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What better place to ‘grow’ special family memories than in a garden? Gardening with your kids or grandkids at home or at a community garden not only provides the tangible benefits of exercise and fresh food, it also fosters communication, builds strong relationships, and offers an opportunity to work towards a common goal. Our monthly activities and Parents' Primer are designed to help you get started.

Take advantage of “gardening moments” with your kids every day—in your own yard ... and in the garage, and at the windowsill, and in the basement ...

Through the seasons there are little opportunities and big projects that can fit seamlessly into your life. Help turn your kids’ questions into fun discoveries.
Check out the Parents' Primer.

Activity Of the Month

What's growing in your backyard? You don't have to travel far to make botanical discoveries. Perhaps you've wondered what type of tree is growing in your backyard or discovered a beautiful new flower blooming in your perennial bed....

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