School Gardening 101: Registration NOW OPEN for Winter Sections of the online course: Winter Section 1 begins January 7th; Winter Section 2 begins January 28th

Course space is limited, and sections have been filling quickly! The National Teacher Institute (NTI) for Garden-Based Learning is a collaborative partnership between Longwood Gardens and the National Gardening Association. The partnership was formed to offer professional development to educators and volunteers from one of the great gardens of the world and the leader in K-12 plant-based educational resources, materials, and grants. This online course is designed to introduce teachers to the benefits of a school garden program; help them identify ways to build support for developing a garden; create a vision, theme, and design; and distinguish the best curriculum for incorporation into their classroom. Participants will gain practical knowledge for laying the groundwork of a successful program. Course participants will receive valuable feedback from their instructor and other teachers while learning new avenues for student instruction. Their first online course, School Gardening 101 is now open for two winter sections. For more information and to register for the course visit the NTI website.  

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Kids Gardening and the National Gardening Association actively work with schools and communities across the country to provide educational resources and build gardens to promote health, wellness, and sustainability.


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