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Explore or share cool kids gardening links! This resource highlights everything from neat websites, to interesting garden books and other awesome kids gardening resources. Just click on a resource category below to find links submitted by others. Or, if you have something to share, please click on the ‘Share Your Resources’ link to submit a resource. (All submissions are subject to approval before posting.)


December Featured Resource

Feed Birds this Winter

Winter bird feeding is a wonderful introduction to the world of birds! Observing the colorful parade of birds that visit a feeder in winter and learning to identify who's who is not only fun for kids and adults; it also encourages a sense of environmental stewardship toward birds and other wild creatures. Landscaping your yard with plants that provide avian food and cover is a great way to improve bird habitat. But providing food in well-maintained feeders also helps birds survive through harsh winter weather and makes viewing your feathered visitors easy. Read our December Featured Resource for more ideas!




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