School Garden Activities

Starting with our Guide to Kids' Gardening published in 1983, NGA has focused on providing practical and creative ways for educators to incorporate gardening and plant-based activities into the curriculum. Below you will find links to our vast lesson collection.

No ground to garden in? No problem! Even if you have little space, poor soil, or are surrounded by cement and blacktop, you can still have a thriving youth garden project -- in
It may still be cold and wintry in much of the country, but the days are getting longer and the sun a little stronger each day. This reminds us that spring is, indeed, down the
Winter bird feeding is a wonderful introduction to the world of birds!  Observing the colorful parade of birds that visit a feeder in winter and learning to identify who’s
Don't let cold weather slow down your classroom's gardening efforts! Use winter months to extend “green” experiences by cultivating indoor gardens. Most schools garden during the
Annie’s presents check on TODAY Show with Carson Daly to shine a light on childhood hunger and healthy eating in America
Here we are in the height of midsummer - gardens are bursting with squash, cukes, tomatoes, peas, and beans.  On the flip side, you may also have bolting greens, slug loved
Begin by imagining students planting seeds in the school garden, and in a matter of days they observe tiny leaves emerging from the soil. This simple seed starting activity
What do children and some plants have in common? They like to climb and they will eventually grow up!  For a fun, productive garden that can add a new dimension to your
April 22nd marks the annual celebration of Earth Day! It’s a great time to teach children the importance of preserving our planet’s resources. There are many small things kids can National Gardening Assocation logo

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