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Starting with our Guide to Kids' Gardening published in 1983, NGA has focused on providing practical and creative ways for educators to incorporate gardening and plant-based activities into the curriculum. Below you will find links to our vast lesson collection.

The garden is full of inspiration for budding artists. You can easily transform your garden into an exciting art studio by providing a few supplies and time for creativity and
Objectives Students will:
Objectives Students will: learn that some plants are better adapted to survive in their local environment than others. discover that well adapted plants grow better with less
Objectives Students will:
Objectives To engage students, parents, teachers, staff, and other community members in planning the garden. To increase and strengthen support for the school gardening
When kids develop a sense of ownership in your youth garden both the program and the children thrive. Children engaged in planning and caring for the garden tend to take on
The following activity is from the Harvest of History, an online fourth grade curriculum that introduces students to agriculture of the past and present, emphasizing its
This activity is from NGA's GrowLab®: Activities for Growing Minds. This curriculum brings plant-based explorations to life through 46 lesson plans and hundreds of extension
Objectives Students will learn:
Objectives Read Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French. Discuss the edible parts of plants. Learn the health benefits of vegetables and why they should eat some every day.
Objectives Learn about symbols and why they are important. Investigate their state flower and how it fits into state history. Central Concepts Symbols are ways to communicate
Objectives Learn the different parts of a bulb and what they do. Explore the parts of the bulb through dissection. Central Concepts A bulb is a plant that grows from an
Objectives Students will participate in a science experiment to learn the cold requirements of spring-flowering bulbs.
Objectives complete a site analysis learn the elements of an accessible garden design brainstorm ways to make the garden accessible Central Concepts Gardens should be

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Kids Gardening and the National Gardening Association actively work with schools and communities across the country to provide educational resources and build gardens to promote health, wellness, and sustainability.


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