School Garden Activities

Starting with our Guide to Kids' Gardening published in 1983, NGA has focused on providing practical and creative ways for educators to incorporate gardening and plant-based activities into the curriculum. Below you will find links to our vast lesson collection.

Overview Thanking your garden volunteers and donors is as important as maintaining healthy garden soil because a garden can't grow without them! This lesson exercises students'
Overview Mazes are an engaging and fun addition to any youth garden. They can be made from a wide variety of materials depending on the resources and space available. Design and
Objectives Students will: observe the changes in the garden throughout the day and year. understand and appreciate that nature is constantly changing. Central Concepts The
fern prothalliumObjectives Students will:
Objective Students will learn common characteristics of gymnosperms and angiosperms through observation. Central Concept There are two very distinct groups of seed-producing
Overview Letterboxing is a popular recreational pastime that involves following clues to find a box stowed in a scenic or interesting place. The hook? Searching for 'hidden
Objectives Students will: discover the impact of soil conditions on rainwater absorption learn gardening practices to help increase moisture absorption Central Concepts Water
The garden is full of inspiration for budding artists. You can easily transform your garden into an exciting art studio by providing a few supplies and time for creativity and
Objectives Students will:
Objectives Students will: learn that some plants are better adapted to survive in their local environment than others. discover that well adapted plants grow better with less
Objectives Students will:
Objectives To engage students, parents, teachers, staff, and other community members in planning the garden. To increase and strengthen support for the school gardening
When kids develop a sense of ownership in your youth garden both the program and the children thrive. Children engaged in planning and caring for the garden tend to take on
The following activity is from the Harvest of History, an online fourth grade curriculum that introduces students to agriculture of the past and present, emphasizing its

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