School Gardening Articles

Designed to provide you with the resources needed to successfully implement plant-based lessons into your classroom, the following articles provide background information for a wide variety of garden-related topics.

Overview This lesson gives kids a delicious, hands-on way to remember a simple phrase that will help boost their fruit and vegetable intake. Objective To introduce the importance
Overview Students investigate their own eating habits and trace the history of common foods to gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the bounty and variety of what
Here are some guidelines to help you prepare for fruit and vegetable tasting activities in your classroom. Planning Tips Proper planning is what
Also known as a bioretention system, a rain garden is a landscape feature planted in a shallow depression designed to capture stormwater
If you want to start a food garden with your students but don’t have the space in your schoolyard for a traditional vegetable plot or fruit orchard,
As you approach the design of your edible schoolyard landscape, the biggest challenge may be narrowing your list of potential plants! What follows is not an
Choosing the right plants is always important, but it’s especially crucial for gardens designed for young children. This list includes annual and perennial
As we are made more and more aware of the need for environmental education, the school garden movement is growing. Starting, maintaining, and learning from an
“The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies.” ~ Gertrude Jekyll
Bright, busy cereal boxes on low shelves promise plastic movie heroes. Friendly, familiar TV characters invite youngsters to “supersize.” Food advertising is
Sue Casey of Portland, Oregon understands what gardens can do for our well-being. After the tragic attacks of September 11th, 2001 she wanted to extend the peace and solace she
Deep in the heart of Manhattan, New York’s concrete jungle is probably the least suitable place to start a garden. Combine the location with the fact that the person planning the
The National Gardening Association and Mantis partner annually to select dedicated youth and community gardens for the Mantis Award. Applications are welcomed from all nonprofit
Walk into a grocery store any time of year and you’ll encounter a bounty of “fresh” food – most of which comes from faraway factory farms. For most of us, the
There are more than 150 identified species of roses. Currently there are many thousands of cultivated varieties that have been developed from those wild National Gardening Assocation logo

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