School Gardening Articles

Designed to provide you with the resources needed to successfully implement plant-based lessons into your classroom, the following articles provide background information for a wide variety of garden-related topics.

As fall weather spells an end to school and neighborhood gardens, consider encouraging your students to become seed detectives by identifying, collecting, and saving their own
Plant physiologist, Ray Wheeler, examines a lettuce crop to better understand how plants can support life in space. (Photo credit: Ray Wheeler)No question about it--plants are
Educators who work with youth garden programs are quick to share the benefits they have observed, such as children who are transformed from hyperactive
Almost every school vegetable garden hosts tomato plants, and the ability to grow a handsome tomato earns a gardener the title of "green thumb." Tomatoes are a delicious staple of
In many U.S. schools, statistics show that you’ll find children who are overweight and others wondering where their next meal will come from; many
"It's been wonderful having the Master Gardener's support. I had never done classroom gardening before. I've learned so much from her, and we're able to combine my teaching
We've heard from indoor gardening teachers, "All of our bean leaves are dropping off-what could be wrong?" or "Do you know any activities with flower bulbs that I can use with my
Sure they're excited and having fun, but how does classroom gardening improve students' science and problem solving skills, content understanding, and attitudes toward learning?
What should kids know about plants? The formula for photosynthesis? The difference between a taproot and fibrous root? A botanist and a fourth grade teacher might have very
How does a scientist find a food plant that can thrive on space farms where the artificial sun always shines, carbon dioxide levels are high, and space is tight? Through careful
"It's so dry in our part of New Mexico that our school gardeners diverted runoff ditches and set up collecting tanks to catch rainwater runoff," reports Santa Fe, NM, parent
"Several years ago my fifth and sixth grade after-school 'service learning' garden club won your Kids Growing with Dutch Bulbs grant, then planted flower bulbs in our school beds
To prepare her students for carving out a garden site in the schoolyard, middle school teacher Joan Dungey in Yellow Springs, OH, invited them to reflect on and write about their
"We knew from years of watching kids bloom with our GrowLab, greenhouse, and outdoor program that gardens can provide common ground and a chance for all kids to succeed," says
As spring approaches, visions of bountiful gardens, greenhouses, and windowsills inspire classroom growers to plant seeds indoors. By learning a bit about what makes seeds tick,

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