School Gardening Articles

Designed to provide you with the resources needed to successfully implement plant-based lessons into your classroom, the following articles provide background information for a wide variety of garden-related topics.

Some school gardeners find the prospect of raising funds to start up or sustain a school garden daunting, but others relish the challenge and see it as an
Most gardeners know that it's easy to cultivate more produce, flowers, and herbs than one can use. In schools and classrooms across the country, students have overcome this
Gardens, as dynamic ecosystems, offer countless opportunities for curious young observers to ask questions and pursue fruitful investigations. If we jump at short-term solutions
Insect predators (such as ladybugs, praying mantids, and lacewings) and parasites (such as certain species of tiny wasps) are the garden dwellers typically referred to as
Excitement builds as the winter break approaches and teachers and students both dream of relaxing and rejuvenating their spirits, but what about those classroom plants? What's the
Pumpkins are one of many holiday plants with an ethnobotanical story.How do you combine history, social studies, geography, and science, and wrap in a bit of holiday fun? By
The National Gardening Association (NGA) is pleased to announce the selection of the 2009-2010 Advisory Board members. The role of the 29-member Kidsgardening
There's no doubt about it: gardens engage and inspire youth, allowing educators to reach students in fun, effective ways. There's something contagious about the feel of dirt under
Most children have an innate curiosity and zeal for outdoor activities, but once in a while youngsters are timid about gardening. Some are apprehensive about new situations, such
A compost pile is simply a huge smorgasbord for billions of microorganisms. As with all living things, these creatures require: nutrients (carbon for energy and nitrogen to build
Garden Club, Garden Club, How nice you are. Planting near and planting far. Digging, gardening, putting in seeds, Earth saving -- a very big deed.
While nurturing, observing, measuring, and graphing corn plants growing in two-liter soda bottles in their GrowLab, Dianna Johnson's third graders in San Gabriel, CA, became
Before beginning a butterfly garden project, it helps to understand what makes butterflies tick at different life cycle stages. The cycle begins when adult butterflies lay eggs on
"The science concepts and skills students gained from our garden project were impressive, but perhaps more significant was the self-esteem that flourished," reports special
How can we expect the next generation to care for the environment if they spend a majority of their time hooked up to television and computer screens with little to no interaction

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