School Gardening Articles

Designed to provide you with the resources needed to successfully implement plant-based lessons into your classroom, the following articles provide background information for a wide variety of garden-related topics.

Flowering bulbs are among the most beloved plants of all time. This group includes spring favorites such as tulips, daffodils, crocus, and hyacinths along with summer stand-bys
Youth gardens are as distinctive as the people who create and enjoy them. Ideally, they're created to meet local program needs, and use the physical site and available resources
Tell your students: Just about anything that can hold soil can serve as a planter. You've seen flowers growing in barrels and buckets, but how about bathtubs, old work
If you have little space, poor soil, or are surrounded by cement and blacktop, you can still have a thriving youth garden project -- in containers. Even the smallest
Begin with Design Both containers and plants come in a wide variety of colors and shapes; mix and match plants and pots to suit your learning garden goals and
Growing in containers tosses another intriguing variable into your planning process. You not only have to think about which plants suit your teaching goals, students'
Why make your school garden a community garden? Such partnerships enrich academic learning, nurture relationships, and create a positive neighborhood environment that
Embark on an exciting adventure! In Farm to Table & Beyond   students learn science by studying our food system. By investigating the question, What is the system that
If you ask a child where a carrot comes from, don't be surprised if the answer is "the grocery store." Explore how food comes to our plates. All food has a story to tell. Where
Publicizing your school garden or habitat is a great way to get the word out about how gardening can help the entire community grow. Also, the more local attention your garden
The angle of a petal. . . the shape chewed into a leaf by an insect . . . a mosaic of sunflowers drenched in gold, red, and burgundy hues. These
As dynamic ecosystems, gardens offer boundless opportunities for curious young observers to ask questions and pursue fruitful investigations in their living garden laboratories.
Across the country, garden and habitat projects are inspiring students to connect with and serve their communities. They create "ethnic" plantings that
When it comes to transforming a schoolyard, the possibilities are endless. Before getting into grids and plans, tools and beds, take some time to dream and let
Some school gardeners find the prospect of raising funds to start up or sustain a school garden daunting, but others relish the challenge and see it as an National Gardening Assocation logo

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