School Gardening Articles

Designed to provide you with the resources needed to successfully implement plant-based lessons into your classroom, the following articles provide background information for a wide variety of garden-related topics.

When PS 41 in Greenwich Village, New York was chosen to receive one of the National Gardening Association’s Adopt a School Garden grants sponsored by Organic Valley, parent
In small urban schoolyards, sometimes it pays to look up when searching for the perfect spot to grow plants. That is exactly how PS 41 in Greenwich Village began their journey to
Voots® Veggie-Fruit Tarts and in Partnership with Celebrity Mom Christina Milian Hosted “Get Kids Growing” Interactive Gardening Workshop on Saturday March 9
The National Gardening Association and The Home Depot would like to congratulate the 2013 Youth Garden Grant Winners. Here are some tips and ideas from the inspirational programs
Kids across America are growing, and some are earning, a lot of “green” participating in the National Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program. This year, more than 1.5 million third
Arranging crops so they complement each other in some way is known as companion planting. Plants that have different requirements — for nutrients, sunlight, and space, for
The cacao tree and rose bush are the botanical royalty of Valentine’s Day. What better way to show your love than through a gift of chocolate and flowers? With plant products in
Does the weather have you stuck inside your classroom? Invite the outdoors in… plant an indoor garden! Most classrooms garden during the fall and spring, but by incorporating
From natural disasters to acts of senseless violence, this fall we were reminded that despite our best efforts, the children in our lives cannot be completely shielded from
Ask your students to tell you where our food comes from. Do they respond with a restaurant or a grocery store name? Do they suggest it is made in a factory? What about on a
The Gardening with Kids Shop is a special part of the National Gardening Association developed to support our mission of promoting home, school, and community gardening as a means
Plant the seeds for world peace in your garden. The garden offers a laboratory for students to observe how all living things are interconnected and must stay in balance to thrive
Youth gardens offer many opportunities for gardeners to give back to their community. Drawing from the concept of “Pay It Forward,” by which a person who has received a gift
Due to Hurricane Sandy we will be extending the deadline for the Healthy Sprouts Award applications until November 5th at 11:59pm.   Click here for more details.
Plants. Soil. Shovels. Inspiration. Motivation. Recognition. As sponsor of the Youth Garden Grant Program, The Home Depot provides schools and nonprofit organizations with the

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