Spring Articles and Activities

Observe the lifecycle of the butterfly with your own Painted Lady Caterpillars. Welcome Caterpillars and Butterflies to your Schoolyard
When we have breakfast each day, we can thank honeybees for making our meal possible by pollinating the blueberries on our cereal, oranges for our juice, or almonds in our muffins. Honeybees are powerhouse pollinators, the most important...
When it comes to designing your home garden, half the fun is in the planning. Your yard reflects your family's own style, your garden's conditions, and your region's climate. While there are plenty of resources to advise you on the last...
How can you tell time in the garden without using a watch? Check and see what’s blooming! Flowers have amazing adaptations to attract pollinators. Their scent, colors, and shapes have evolved to draw these vital critters towards them,...
This spring, try using natural dyes to decorate your Easter Eggs.

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