Native Plants

Designing a Hummingbird Garden


If there is a sunny place at your school or community garden, consider adding a hummingbird garden to supply both the nectar and the insects hummers need as they undertake their tremendous journeys. Make sure your students are active participants in each step of the process. Ask them to gather the research and share information, and as a class, make the important decisions about what plants to include in a hummingbird garden. Luckily, many hummer favorites are also native plants, typically well suited to your region and friendly to other pollinators.

Creating a Family Butterfly Garden

One of the most interesting theme gardens you can plant with your children is a butterfly garden. A butterfly garden provides a colorful array of nectar-producing plants that not only attract butterflies and hummingbirds, but can also draw your children to explore the intricate relationships of plants and animals. With the appropriate plantings, your garden provides opportunities to educate your children about the life cycle of a butterfly and allows them to view each stage of growth.

Which Plants to Plant?

Overview: Students research hummingbird-attracting plants and make selections to grow in a school garden.

Subject Areas: science, language arts, technology

Key Concepts: habitat needs of plants

Skills: research, teamwork/cooperative learning, oral communication, decision-making

Location: indoors

Estimated Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour or more

Mountains as Biodiversity Hotpsots - Himalayan Expedition Part 1

The Expedition Begins

Mount Makalu in the background. Banana tree in the foreground. Photo: TMIAfter weeks of planning and preparation, your expedition is finally going to begin. First you land in Kathmandu, Nepal. You've planned to spend two days here, gathering together the rest of your gear and paying for a climbing permit. It's a bit disappointing that you are unable to see the mountains from the city. On some days, people can. On other days, like today, they are hidden behind air pollution.

Mountain Adventures

Welcome to Mountain Adventures: Exploring the Himalayas, Andes, and Appalachians. This curriculum is designed to introduce students (grades 5-8) to the role and importance of native plants in the United States and abroad.

Weed Busters: Students Tackle the Purple Menace

Studying Purple Loosestrife Helps Students Identify Non-Native Species

"When my third graders asked a local naturalist to help them identify wild plants growing on our school grounds, we never imagined their query would lead to a long-term environmental action project," reports Minneapolis, MN, teacher Sherri Rogers.

State Flowers

Combining history, geography, and science.....

A bouquet of flowers is a treasured gift for people of all ages — it creates smiles and warm thoughts through the enjoyment of nature’s beauty. Botanically, flowers are the plant’s tool for survival, but in a garden they also add greatly to the aesthetics of the landscape. Their utility extends to providing food for many insect and bird species, and some flowers are even consumed by humans (like cauliflower and broccoli)!



High School Wildflower Photography Project
Studying local wildflowers through photography boosts grades,
community connections, and pride of students in an urban high school.

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