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Colorful Flag Art for the Winter Garden

Preparing to make winter yard art. The frequent snowfall where I live provides my family with opportunities to ski, play outside and spend quality time shoveling out the driveway again and again, and again.

Garden Structures: Grades 6-12

Question: What are some simple garden structures that I could build with my Grade 6-12 class?

Garden Structures: Grades K-2

Question: What are some simple garden structures that I could build with my K-2 class?

Garden Gifts for Kids

Author: Paul Simon

December is a busy month of decorating, parties, shopping, shopping, and oh yeah, shopping. Like my spouse, my children love to shop – they are happy to spend hours browsing through the stores, especially toy and book stores.  This month, I offer up some of my family’s favorite garden-related holiday gift ideas for kids:

Building a Maze


Mazes are an engaging and fun addition to any youth garden. They can be made from a wide variety of materials depending on the resources and space available. Design and installation of the maze hones math and art skills.

Creating a Letterbox Activity


Letterboxing is a popular recreational pastime that involves following clues to find a box stowed in a scenic or interesting place. The hook? Searching for 'hidden treasure!'

Personalizing the Garden

When kids develop a sense of ownership in your youth garden both the program and the children thrive. Children engaged in planning and caring for the garden tend to take on responsibility and put more effort into garden maintenance and learning activities. You can also nurture the child-garden relationship by inviting them to add a personal touch to the space. Here are a few ideas...

Accessibility Inventory


  • complete a site analysis
  • learn the elements of an accessible garden design
  • brainstorm ways to make the garden accessible

Central Concepts

  • Gardens should be accessible to everyone.
  • There are specific elements to incorporate into a garden design to make it accessible.


  • pencils
  • rulers or tape measure
  • copies of the site analysis questions
  • clipboard (or pieces of cardboard and paper clips)


Developing Symbols for Your Peace Garden

Right Side Box: 

Ideas for Peace Garden Design Elements:

Water features
Designated spaces (performance/gathering space; quiet space)


Students will:

  • learn that images and objects can convey meaning;
  • conceptualize symbols of peace, and describe how they connect the idea of peace to their symbols;
  • plan to integrate their symbols in a garden/habitat setting;
  • grasp the importance of good communication in promoting peace and conflict resolution;
  • practice good communication skills.


White board, chalkboard, overhead projector, or flip chart for recording discussion points; examples of symbols (optional)

Students Tune into a Music Garden

Exploring Found Sounds and Natural Rhythms

Five years ago, Helen Krofchick’s music students in Lugoff, SC, could be found tapping on old cans and rubbing sticks. Why? Inspired by a visiting artist and video clips of a group called STOMP*, the K-5 classes tried using “found” objects, including things from the environment, to create and perform unique sounds and rhythms. After loads of inside practice, they wondered what their inventive instruments would sound like if they played them in the schoolyard.

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