Science in Personal and Social Perspective.

Curriculum Connections

Investigating Heat and Light: The Greenhouse Effect

Most garden coverups operate on the same basic principle. Radiant (light) energy from the sun can pass through transparent and semi-transparent materials. When the light arrives inside a closed space, it is absorbed by the surfaces within, then radiated again as thermal (heat) energy. The heat energy is less able to pass through the materials, so heat is trapped inside.

Making Weather-Tracking Tools

Measuring Changes, Sleuthing Seasons, Testing Lore

Weather: sometimes we don't like it, but we certainly can't live without it. The general climate and more immediate weather affect how we live and what we eat. But that's not the half of it. These factors also influence the livelihoods of all the players, plant and animal, in the web of life.

Curriculum Connections

Wild Wisdom

Butterflies exploring a natural environmentAfter you've had some time to make and record observations in your schoolyard garden, wander to a wilder place to see how butterflies behave in a more natural environment, where "weeds" and other plants grow freely. Ask your students to share anything the trip helped clarify for them, or new questions it created, such as, What kinds of plants grow here?

What Do Americans Eat?


Students investigate their own eating habits and trace the history of common foods to gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the bounty and variety of what we eat.

Eat a Rainbow: The Autumn Harvest


This lesson gives kids a delicious, hands-on way to remember a simple phrase that will help boost their fruit and vegetable intake.


To introduce the importance of eating a rainbow of colors of fruits and vegetables while emphasizing and celebrating a seasonal harvest.

What's up with Wetlands?


Widespread concern for the environment began to grow in the late 1960’s and is a constant topic in media and policy discussions today. Students need to learn how to research and interpret current events and gain an appreciation for the importance of keeping abreast of new developments.


Students will each find and evaluate an article concerned with wetland habitat destruction or endangered carnivorous plant species and develop a reaction paper that demonstrates their critical reading skills.


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