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by Laurie Carlson

There's an art to safeguarding our ecology — in more ways than one! Nature's bounty becomes the tool through which children learn to respect nature, care for their environment, and preserve the Earth's fragile ecological balance — while discovering their own artistic natures. All projects use recyclable, reusable, or nature's own found art materials. 157 pages, ages 3-9.

Williamson Pub

Project Seasons

by Deborah Parrella


The investigative activities in Project Seasons integrate science, agriculture, and environmental themes to show how all living things are interconnected. Students explore plants, worms, soil, farm life, water cycles, and more through the school-year seasons. 318 pages; gr K-6.

Chelsea Green Publishing

The ABC's of Fruits and Vegetables

by Steve Charney and David Goldbeck


Ceres Press

GrowLab: Activities for Growing Minds

by Eve Pranis and Joy Cohen

Early Sprouts

by Karrie Kalich, Dottie Bauer and Deirdre McPartlin

Redleaf Press

Garden Adventures: Preschool Gardening Curriculum

by Sarah Pounders

National Gardening Association

Botany on Your Plate

 by Katharine D. Barrett


National Gardening Association

Math in the Garden

by Jennifer White

National Gardening Association

Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils

by Elizabeth Patten and Kathy Lyons

Tilbury House Publishers

French Fries and the Food System

by Sarah Coblyn

This year-round curriculum provides kids from varied backgrounds a fertile environment in which they can develop an appreciation for the close links between farming and food systems. Lessons range from practical, hands-on activities to social and economic aspects of the food cycle. The lessons and activities are organized by seasons. This book is an excellent resource for classroom and community educators. 240 pages; gr 5-12.

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