Middle School

How to Create Your Own Herbarium

This school site features details for teachers and students on collecting, pressing, and identifying local plants, and creating herbaria. Dig around their site and you'll find even more gardening, botany, and habitat gems!

National Geographic Photography Guide for Kids

by Claire M. Johnson. Covers all the technical basics in simple language and provides fine guidance on composing quality images. (Grades 4 - 7).

National Geographic

How to Make and Use a Pinhole Camera

Explore the basic mechanics of getting images on film by building a camera out of a can or box.

Visual Literacy Using Web-based Photo Resources

Simple and engaging ways to incorporate visual learning into your classroom.

Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden Website Kids' Page

This Website features projects for kids relating to plants and nature, including Sounds in the Garden and Hummingbird Origami.

Hazen's Notch Association Education Programs

The Hazen's Notch Association offers schools and other groups a variety of natural science field programs that can be tailored to students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade, as well as for adults. Workshops, camps, and other opportunities are listed on the Website.

Environmental Education Resources for California Teachers

The California Regional Environmental Education Communities (CREEC) Network maintains this statewide electronic directory of information about organizations that provide environmental education programs or resources to California educators.

The Great Irish Famine

An in-depth interdisciplinary curriclum covering the Great Irish Famine (1845 - 1850), brought about in part by the loss of the potato crop to blight. This curriculum also sheds light on the centuries of institutionalized prejudice and economic policies that ultimately set the stage for the immense loss of Irish lives and massive emigration. For middle and high school students.

Earth Partnership Program

This Earth Partnership program assists teachers in establishing restoration projects on school sites and altering their curricula to incorporate restoration into almost any subject area. The program includes a two-week institute each summer and ongoing support from UW-Madison Arboretum staff to help schools with restoration planning and curriculum development. Web site includes research ideas and and resources links for teachers.

The Edible Schoolyard

The Edible Schoolyard at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School is an exemplary model for integrating an organic garden and landscape into the school curriculum and lunch program. Visit their beautiful Website for inspiration and guidance on starting your own edible schoolyard.

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