High School

The Bountiful Container

by Rose Marie Nichols McGee and Maggie Stuckey. Great for beginners, this book helps you plant and nurture container-grown edibles. Recipes and project ideas are scattered throughout. 400 pgs.

Workman Publishing

How to Build Growing Columns

For small-space or container gardeners, here are instructions for creating 12 square feet of vertical garden space from columns of chicken wire and corrugated cardboard.

Container Gardens: The City-Dweller's Guide to Fresh and Healthy Homegrown Food

Guidance for fashioning super-productive gardens out of wading pools, feed sacks, and used tires. The site also offers step-by-step advice for starting and maintaining community gardens. Lots of uplifiting quotes from community gardeners of all ages!

Carrots Love Tomatoes

by Louise Riotte. The classic volume on the confirmed benefits and accumulated folklore of companion planting. In addition to vegetables, it covers companion planting techniques for fruit and nut trees, grasses and grains, ornamentals, and weeds.

Storey Books

Great Garden Companions

by Sally Jean Cunningham Stuckey. A primer for maximizing the benefits of plant partnerships. Includes basic gardening guidance as well as companion/rotation design options. Lots of information on attracting beneficials and repelling pests.

Rodale Press

Edible Landscaping

Garden Guides offers a thorough list of attractive edible plants and offers tips for using them in garden design.

Garden Toad's Companion Plant Guide

A list of plants, recommended companions, and descriptions of the benefits each plant confers to its partners.

National Audubon Society's First Field Guide: Wildflowers

by Susan Hood. Designed for ages 9 to 12, this field guide includes stunning photos, descriptions of common wildflowers, and current information on endangered species.


The Language of Flowers

The historical meanings of herbs and flowers, from apple blossom to zinnia.

A Herbaria

A British site with lots of detail on collecting and identifying plants, and creating herbaria.

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