Farm to Table & Beyond: LiFE Curriculum Series (LiFE 2)

by Pamela A. Koch, Angela Calabrese Barton, Isobel R. Contento

National Gardening Association and Teachers College Columbia University

Choice, Control & Change : LiFE Curriculum Series (LiFE 3)

 by Pamela A. Koch, Isobel R. Contento and Angela Calabrese Barton


National Gardening Association and Teachers College Columbia University

Early Sprouts

by Karrie Kalich, Dottie Bauer and Deirdre McPartlin

Redleaf Press

Botany on Your Plate

 by Katharine D. Barrett


National Gardening Association

The Growing Classroom

by  Gary Appel and Roberta Jaffe 

National Gardening Association

Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils

by Elizabeth Patten and Kathy Lyons

Tilbury House Publishers


The Smart-Mouth section of this the CSPI Website offers kids tips on consumer awareness, allows them to rate the nutritional benefits of their favorite foods, provides opportunities for taking action against corporate food offenders, educational video clips, and links to other sites.

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Food Works

Food Works at Two Rivers Center was founded in 1987 to address the root causes of childhood hunger by returning students and their communities back to the land through hands-on food and gardening educational opportunities. Today, Food Works at Two Rivers Center has emerged as Central Vermont’s hands-on food and agricultural education center working to strengthen local food systems and empower children, families, and seniors to grow, prepare, eat and preserve their own foods.

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