Planning & Designing a Garden

Flowers Kids Enjoy

Question: Can you suggest some flowers kids would really enjoy?

Answer: Here are some that have proven to be favorites over the years, in no particular order.

Garden Location

Question: My students and I are very excited about planting a garden, but we aren't sure where to put it. How should we decide?

Container Vegetables

Question: My kids want to grow vegetables, but we are limited to containers in a very small space. Do you have any suggestions?

Pizza Theme Garden

Question: The kids are really excited about trying to grow a Pizza Garden, but what exactly are we supposed to plant in it?

Petting Zoo Garden

Question: After visiting a local zoo, my kids came up with the idea of planting a garden with plants that have animal names. Can you suggest some?

Answer: Your petting zoo could include some of the following plants:

Professional Development

Question: What kinds of professional development opportunities are available if I want to learn more about how to implement a school garden for my grade level?

Types of Gardens

Question: Does a school garden have to feature vegetables, flowers, or bulbs?

Decision Making: Grades 6-12

Question: How do I guide Grade 6-12 students through the choices that are involved in making a garden?

Decision Making: Grades K-2

Question: How do I guide K-2 children through the choices that are involved in making a garden?

Themes for Novices

Question: For a teacher who has never gardened before, is a theme garden difficult to do with a class?

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