Creating Your Own Children’s Garden

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Are you looking for an indoor activity for the garden? Download these simple instructions to create signs for indoor and outdoor gardens.

Here is a geography lesson for grades 3-5 to introduce the topics of longitude and latitude as they relate to botanical gardens. Download Where in the World???

Think back to your childhood. Can you remember any interactions with plants or a garden that made an impression on you? I can remember the first time I learned about snapdragons. I was at my grandmother’s house and my mom showed me how you can pinch the sides of the bloom to cause the flower to open and close, which looked like a dragon mouth. I was in awe that a plant could do this. Another time I “discovered” the softness of lamb’s ear. The amazement that a plant’s leaves could feel so soft was a memory that remains with me today.

Homeschool Cooperative Gardening Class

The Nature Detectives

“Today’s child is more familiar with the drive-thru menu than the garden.” This belief is what led Suellen Mullins of DeSoto, Texas, to begin one of the only known homeschool cooperative gardening programs in Texas.

Becoming a Horticulture Therapist: From Hobby to Career

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Discover NGA's Career Connections

Read short bios from each NGA staff member, find out what led them into their careers, and why gardening and connecting with nature is important. Read more »

After spending 20 years as an independent contractor for numerous companies, Lisa Lindmark has found her “best job” as a horticulture instructor at a 600+ patient mental health hospital.

The Beginning of a Library Garden

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NGA's Own

Libraries have a unique opportunity to provide a visual connection between literature and nature. Grants are available to support library gardens, but often require someone with a vision. National Gardening Association offers assistance in this area. Whether you’re interested in developing a particular theme garden or a garden that encompasses a variety of books, our professional staff of landscape architects, horticulturists and educators can help you develop your vision. Visit Library Gardens for more information about how we can design your library garden which will in turn help you as your seek support for funding the installation of this space.

The Village of Plain City Garden features several animal topiaries named after classic authors.In an effort to preserve the historic Village of Plain City, Ohio, local gardeners and members of the county Master Gardener program pulled their resources to establish a landmark for the town.

Teaching Kids about Water and Soil Conditions

A previous newsletter highlighted the impacts sunlight and wind have on the family garden and microclimate surroundings.

2015 Youth Garden Grant Winners!

We received over 1,000 exceptional applications for this year's 2015 Youth Garden Grant. The selection process has been incredibly difficult for our team. We want to thank every program that applied and wish we could have awarded all of you. Twenty (20) youth programs have been selected to receive a $500 gift certificate to the Gardening With Kids Store, a tool package from Ames, plant starts from Bonnie Plants, a Micro-Greens Grow Box from, and a generous seed donation. Select programs will receive a raised bed from New England Arbors.

Getting Ready for Seed Starting

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Read more from the January 2015 edition of Kids Garden News:

Selecting Seeds for the Garden

Make a Seed Starting and Planting Calendar

Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Get 10% Growlabs at the Gardening with Kids Shop now through January 31, 2015 using the code GetGrowing2015 at checkout!  


It may still be cold and wintry in much of the country, but the days are getting longer and the sun a little stronger each day. This reminds us that spring is, indeed, down the road and it’s time to begin making preparations for starting the seeds of vegetables that need an indoor headstart before transplanting to the garden.

Feed Birds This Winter

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Looking for a fun and educational stocking stuffer? Give the birder in your life DIY paper birds. A great decoration no matter the season. 

Read more from the December 2014 edition of Kids Garden News:

Make a Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Creating an Edible Schoolyard at Sac High

The Winter Bird-Friendly Schoolyard

Winter bird feeding is a wonderful introduction to the world of birds!  Observing the colorful parade of birds that visit a feeder in winter and learning to identify who’s who is not only fun for kids and adults; it also encourages a sense of environmental stewardship toward  birds and other wild creatures. Landscaping your yard with plants that provide avian food and cover is a great way to improve bird habitat.


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Learn more about the Hyatt Regency Jersey City

Learn more about Hyatt Thrive

Hotel awards US $20,100 grant ($12,600 from Hyatt Community Grant and $7,500 from Hyatt Jersey City Associates) to for its positive community impact.

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