Let There Be Peace on Earth

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2013 Muhammad Ali Center Peace Garden Grant

NGA is proud to announce the 3rd year of the Muhammad Ali Peace Center Peace Garden Grant program sponsored by Yum! Brands Foundation. In an effort to help all schools sow the seeds of respect, the Muhammad Ali Center Peace Garden is designed to help schools teach lessons of peace and hunger awareness through garden activities. As a global initiative, the United States and all international locations are eligible for participation. Grants applications are due on January 2, 2013. Apply online.

Read about one of our 2012 grant recipients: Twelve Stones Community Garden.

Plant the seeds for world peace in your garden. The garden offers a laboratory for students to observe how all living things are interconnected and must stay in balance to thrive. Here are a few peace related themes you can introduce through garden programs:

Amaryllis for the Holidays

Potted amaryllis bulbs make wonderful holiday gifts for family and friends. Planting them and then watching them grow also makes for a fun activity to do with your children. Their beautiful blooms add to holiday décor and last longer than cut flowers. They are fairly inexpensive (although you may find some of the more unique varieties are offered at a premium price) and the only supplies you need are bulbs, soil and pots.

Know Your Food

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The 2012 Food Day School Curriculum was designed for educators as a Food Day resource that can be used in the classroom or to increase your own knowledge about what it means to Eat Real: Download the 2012 Food Day School Curriculum

Many times gardening is promoted as a way to teach youth where their food comes from.

Many times gardening is promoted as a way to teach youth where their food comes from. This phrase, “know where your food comes from,” is one that has received much attention and rightfully so.

Keeping Pets Safe in the Yard and Garden

When gardening, we need to remember to keep our children and animals safe.

Wheatgrass and catnip are great options for plants your cat can safely enjoy.As families enjoy their garden together this summer, it’s important to recognize that our families are more than just parents or guardians and children.

Developing Character in the Garden

Anti-Bullying Strategies
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Creating a No-Bully Zone

Although the 2011-2012 school year is coming to an end, this is a great time to start planning an anti-bullying unit for the start of the 2012-2013 school year. Here is an activity to guide you and your students through the process of designing your own anti-bullying contract.

Download the Bullying Prevention Activity (PDF) »

A principal's insight on how school gardens can eliminate bullying.    

Young gardeners contributing to the larger effort of beautifying the school.Within a garden live many individual plants. Each of these plants alone can be beautiful and unique, but as a whole, alongside all the other plants, they are so much more.

Cleaning Indoor Air with Plants

So it’s the winter season, and my kids and I have been thinking about purchasing some new indoor plants to spruce up the house. Of course instead of having another typical plant shopping trip, I begin thinking about how to make this experience adventurous and educational! This is when I remembered a past article, by Charlie Nardozzi, about a study conducted between NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA).

Creating Your Own Children’s Garden

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Are you looking for an indoor activity for the garden? Download these simple instructions to create signs for indoor and outdoor gardens.

Here is a geography lesson for grades 3-5 to introduce the topics of longitude and latitude as they relate to botanical gardens. Download Where in the World???

Think back to your childhood. Can you remember any interactions with plants or a garden that made an impression on you? I can remember the first time I learned about snapdragons. I was at my grandmother’s house and my mom showed me how you can pinch the sides of the bloom to cause the flower to open and close, which looked like a dragon mouth. I was in awe that a plant could do this. Another time I “discovered” the softness of lamb’s ear. The amazement that a plant’s leaves could feel so soft was a memory that remains with me today.

A Chat with the Founder of High Mowing Organic Seeds

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Learn more about High Mowing Organic Seeds

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Tom Stearns is the founder and head seedsman of High Mowing Organic Seeds, a seed company in Wolcott, Vermont that specializes in organically grown seeds. The business began in 1996 with just 28 varieties. After tilling up a portion of his backyard and turning his shed into a seed packing area, Tom found he had no trouble selling the seed he grew that first year. Suddenly, what had started as a hobby became a practical business pursuit as he realized the growing and unmet demand for organic seed.

Selecting Seeds for the Garden

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Read more from the January 2015 edition of Kids Garden News:

Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Getting Ready for Seed Starting

Make a Seed Starting and Planting Calendar

There are so many delicious vegetable and herbs to choose from that deciding which to grow may be one of the hardest parts of gardening! If you’re like many gardeners, as you flip through a seed catalog (or scroll through, as most are also online these days), everything your eye lands on looks enticing. How do you decide among the many varieties of tomatoes, for example? Which kinds of seeds will grow best in your part of the country? What veggies are kids most likely to enjoy?

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