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Get Your Students Hooked on Composting!

Here's a high school activity to help relate the benefits of composting to your students: Inquiring about Compost

If you like that activity, be sure to check out our new Compost Activity Kit which features standards-based lessons for the Kindergarten through eighth grade crowd.

Student gardener at Atwood Elementary contributing to the compost pile.Compost. It’s all around us. Whether we assist in the process or not, composting is taking place. If we choose not to use it, we are missing a valuable opportunity.

Compost Theatre

A Rotten Performance

“As a kid, I loved when there was some kind of performance at school,” says Lisa Fernandez, co-founder of Compost Theatre, a duo that travels to schools and festivals. “It’s fun to see that what sparks a child can often stay true for a lifetime.” The traveling show that she and her “partner in compost” Jody Schwan created years ago – and continue to revise – is meant to engage, teach, and persuade people about the process and value of composting and recycling.

2006 Mantis Award Winners

Changing the World One Garden at a Time

The National Gardening Association and Mantis partner annually to select dedicated youth and community gardens for the Mantis Award. Applications are welcomed from all nonprofit groups and award recipients receive their own Mantis tiller/cultivator. In 2006 Mantis generously awarded 25 garden programs. Here are inspiring stories from a few of these deserving programs.

Some Things a School Garden Can Be

A school garden can be an opportunity; it can be a habitat for insects; it can be a process that brings plants and children into bloom; it can be innumerable other things. The four dimensions I’ve written about demonstrate the enhancement that children’s curiosity and inherent experimentation bring to the basic opportunity.

Overcoming Worm-Phobia

Question: We are going to raise earthworms in my class, but I find worms repulsive and worry about passing this feeling along to the children. Any suggestions?

Vermicompost Worm Care

Red Wigglers (Image care of the USDA ARS)Red Wigglers (Image care of the USDA ARS)Question: What do composting worms eat? How do we clean out the bin?

Homemade Compost Bins

Question: My school can't afford to purchase a compost bin. What can we use to make our own?

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