Vermicompost Worm Care

Red Wigglers (Image care of the USDA ARS)Red Wigglers (Image care of the USDA ARS)Question: What do composting worms eat? How do we clean out the bin?

Homemade Compost Bins

Question: My school can't afford to purchase a compost bin. What can we use to make our own?

Compost Odor

Question: What should we do if our compost pile begins to smell?

Answer: A properly constructed and maintained compost pile will not smell. As a matter of fact, compost has a pleasantly rich, earthy odor. If your compost pile does have a bad odor, it means that one of the proper ingredients is lacking or is overly abundant. That's easy to fix. Here are symptoms and remedies if you should have a problem:

Lunchroom Composting

Question: We are starting a composting program using lunch scraps from the cafeteria. How can I make it clear why it's important to separate scraps, and also make it easy for the children to sort the waste?

Explore Decomposition

Question: How can we find out how fast different ingredients compost or decompose without having to build and wait for lots of compost piles ourselves?

Kids Making Compost

Question: My children aren't interested in hearing about carbon and nitrogen; they just want to build the compost pile. How can I make sure we end up with compost?

Compost Pile Size

Question: Do we really need a 3- foot-tall compost pile? It's taller than the kids! What will we do with all that compost?

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