Our Mission

KidsGardening.org has been a leading resource for school and youth gardening since 1982 providing garden grants, research and curriculum.  We create opportunities for kids to learn through the garden, engaging their natural curiosity and wonder by providing inspiration, know-how, networking opportunities, and additional educational resources.  

We believe that learning through gardening should be an indispensable part of children’s education and personal development. Learning through gardening creates generations of kids connected to their food and community and engaged in nurturing a healthy planet.  

To accomplish our mission we:

Create and Facilitate Garden Grant and Award Programs
KidsGardening.org created the Youth Garden Grant Program in 1982, the longest running grant of its type in the country, and has continued to expand the number and scope of programs offered through the years.  To provide these programs, KG.org creates win-win collaborations with generous corporate sponsors and individual donors. Our grant and award programs have benefited an estimated 1.5 million children across the United States and contributed close to $4.4 million dollars in funding to youth gardening initiatives.

Collaborate and Provide Curriculum and Garden Educator Training  
KG.org has the widest range of curriculum and garden-based learning resources focused on  subjects as diverse as the arts, literature, mathematics, botany, health and nutrition to educate the whole child.  KG.org created Grow Lab, the most extensive indoor growing garden-based curriculum available.  KG.org is also creating a national Teacher Advisory Board to help guide the development of new curriculum and resources.

Inform, Inspire and Engage through the KidsGardening.org Website  
The KidsGardening.org web site is the go-to resource and hub for educators, administrators, parents, and community volunteers who want to learn more about how to create successful youth and school gardens and how to engage kids through gardening lesson and activities.  Our easy-to-use site provides a wide range of content including online lesson plans, gardening how-tos, inspiration and garden grant information.   We reach out regularly to more than 150K youth garden enthusiasts across the U.S. through our blog, newsletter and social media.